Waiting for the Acorn to Drop

As I sit here, preparing for the New Year’s Eve countdown, I should be reflecting on the past year and making resolutions for the year to come. There were certainly some ups and downs in 2017, but what I find myself thinking about most is how did I end up in Raleigh, and what am I still doing here?

When I moved here for work, I thought I’d give it a year or two and then see if something better came along. Now, this city is actually starting to feel like home.
Oh Raleigh, I may never understand why your Christmas parade is held in mid November, why vanity license plates are so popular, or why there are so many mattress stores.
But I’m starting to get you, City of Oaks.
Despite your love of tobacco products and barbecue, you often rank among one of America’s healthiest cities.
You love your nature trails and your food trucks too.
Perhaps it’s because of my New Orleans upbringing that I enjoy cities that defy logic.
One thing you’ve been able to do for this Gulf Coast girl is to make me a fan of snow. You treat that stuff with the respect it deserves, by shutting down and not making me drive in it.
It’s true that there are still big swaths of the city I have yet to explore. So maybe that should be my resolution for 2018. I resolve to go shopping in Cameron Village, eat at the Angus Barn and maybe even attempt the state fair again.
In the meantime, pass the red hot dogs while I wait for your giant acorn to drop.
Happy New Year!

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