Let the Good Times Roll

What does a veggie tray say about me? I asked myself this question at the grocery store as I contemplated what I should bring to a “ladies’ get together.”

I decided it says I’m boring and lazy, and that’s not the message I want to send when trying to meet new people. As Homer Simpson once said, “You don’t win friends with salad.”

So I considered a bottle of wine. Was that too pretentious? Would beer be too low brow? Why was I stressing over this? Why did I even want to attend this event where I would not know one single person? I’m an introvert. Why did I suddenly care about making friends? After living in Raleigh a year, I guess it was about time.

I decided on premixed cans of strawberry margarita. Because no one likes veggie-tray girl, but everyone likes strawberry-rita girl.

I hauled my cart to the checkout counter and the cashier hit me with, “I can’t sell that to you before noon.”

Really, Raleigh? I thought I had left that nonsense in Florida. Of course, it was actually the lax liquor laws of New Orleans I left behind almost 11 years ago.

So I went home without the ‘ritas or the veggie tray. I knew I had enough time to go back to the store after noon, but I also knew that I wouldn’t. Instead, I decided to take the bag of veggie straws I had originally purchased as a “healthy” snack for my toddler. Now that┬ásays boring and lazy. I told myself I didn’t want to be friends with anyone who would judge me for my snack choice anyway.

So I spent the next two hours deciding what to wear. I probably hadn’t put that much thought into an outfit since I was 19 – when the look I was going for was “hot without trying.” There are a few differences between now and then. For one, the look this time around would be “smart casual.” That’s an actual fasion term, folks. Google it.

For another, I can search the internet for “what to wear to a casual ladies get together.” (The answer is a blouse with jeans for the “smart casual” look.)

But the biggest difference between then and now is that I have a two year old who interupts every two minutes to ask “Mommy, what are you doing?” And so I tried on only two outfits instead of 40.

Wearing minimal makeup, and with veggie straws in hand, I arrived on the hostess’ front porch. I briefly fantasized that there would be a crawfish boil on the other side of the door.

Instead, I was met with homemade margaritas and noticed a poster of my home town on the wall. … I think I’m gonna like it here.